Safety and Prevention for Avoiding Manufacturing Ergo Injuries

Definition of Ergo or Ergonomics?

Ergonomics or Ergo is about designing for people and fitting a job to a person. It is designing and arranging things to minimize the physical effort and discomfort for workers helping them interact more efficiently and safely. Ergo products help to lessen muscle fatigue, increase productivity and reduces the number and severity of work injuries.

Working in the manufacturing industry can really put a lot of strain on the body. Prolonged standing on hard surfaces, can reduce blood flow to the feet, legs and back, and cause fatigue.

Many workers do repetitive movements while performing job tasks. Repetitive strain injury can occur by the repetition required by their job. Manufacturing employees often injure themselves from simple but extreme repetitive tasks like reaching, grabbing, clenching, twisting or bending. Reaching above their shoulders or twisting to dump material are examples of activates than can cause injury

Using high levels of physical effort to manually perform a task, like pushing a loaded rack can cause back and muscle injuries resulting from stress to the body.

Injuries often develop over time. The likely hood of permanent damage is boosted higher, the longer a worker performs the task that is causing the injury.

drum safety
drum safety
Scissors Lift
Scissors Lift

Safety and Prevention:

Loss of productivity coupled with the associated costs greatly reduces profit and productivity. Not to mention the liability employers have to be responsible for providing a safe environment for their workers.

Implementing an ergonomic process and designing and fitting the job to the workers can have a major impact on reducing worker injuries. Providing anti-fatigue floor mats for example in areas where employees will be standing for long periods will help reduce the fatigue caused by standing for long periods of time.

Using Ergo products like Scissor Tables, Lift Platforms, Dollies, Powered Stackers, Lift Trucks, Order Pickers, Lift Tables, Lift Magnets, Work Positioners, Jib Cranes, and Hoists will all reduce fatigue from frequent lifting. They will additionally reduce the manual force needed without these products. The lifts and devices used to raise or lower the height of materials for easier handling work by minimizing bending, reducing extended reaches and keeping loads close to the body, reducing injury and may also aid in increasing productivity.

Tilters, devices that lift and tilt to adjust materials, Machines for Utility Work, Stackers, Drum Handlers, Adjustable Stands, Pallet Jacks and Self-Propelled Pallet Trucks will all reduce injuries caused by extreme lifting, reaching, twisting or bending.

Rolling conveyors, Minimize forceful pushing, pulling, and carrying reducing worker injuries and reducing extreme bending, stretching and twisting

How to obtain Ergo Products?

Contact a material handling distributor.  Companies that distribute material handling equipment like Warehouse Cubed have Safety and Ergo equipment available for purchase, which will provide the Prevention needed for avoiding Manufacturing Ergo Injuries.


Occupational Safety and Health Administration,


2 thoughts on “Safety and Prevention for Avoiding Manufacturing Ergo Injuries

    1. Good point, you are correct that it is important to design material handling equipment with the operator in mind. This will not only make their job easier,
      but will also provide safety and prevent manufacturing injuries. This provides a winning situation for all involved in the material handling industry. Thanks for your comments!


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