New Year Resolutions You Should Make


As we approach New Year’s most people begin to make those New Year Resolutions. Many people like to start the New Year with a plan to better themselves in some way. Whether its time to start that new diet, a new work out, go back to school or cut out a bad habit, whatever it is you would like to change; the New Year is a good time to begin.

Unfortunately a smaller percentage of people will actually make good on their resolutions and stick to their plan. It is so much easier to make those resolutions than to actually stick to them. Like any other field there is always room for improvement and the Material Handling field is no different. The good news is there are a few Resolutions that are not only worthy to stick with; but will also enrich the New Year and continue to benefit your operations all year through.

So just what are these resolutions you ask? Here are two simple resolutions you can do that will significantly improve your operations and yet are easy enough to make them attainable. Because your New Year Resolutions also need to be attainable in order to help you stick with them. So without further ado here they are.

  1. Regularly-scheduled maintenance and safety inspections on your equipment. I think we can all agree that worker safety is a high priority in the day-to-day operations of a warehouse. Maintaining the performance and longevity of the equipment you use is one step closer to achieving this goal. Regularly-scheduled maintenance and safety inspections on your equipment, like forklifts and pallet rack is something that needs to be a priority. It is best to schedule this maintenance before the equipment actually breaks down or before it becomes inoperable. Service technicians will not only make adjustments and inspect your equipment to keep it in proper running condition but will uncover minor issues before they affect your productivity, and your bottom line.
  1. Increase the use of Ergonomics in your operations. Work injuries not only cause a loss of productivity but the associated costs greatly reduces profits. Ergonomic products help to lessen muscle fatigue, increase productivity and reduces the number and severity of work injuries. This is an advantage for any operation. Scissor Tables, Tilters, & Work Positioners, Lift Platforms, Dollies, Pallet Positioners, Various Hoists and Trolleys and Jib Cranes, Anti-Fatigue Matting, Lift Tables, Lift Magnets, Self-Propelled Pallet Trucks and much more are all examples of equipment you should have in your operation. If you do not have this equipment then you need to order it. If you do have it check and make sure it is still in working order. If it is worn and not in quality shape then replacements need to be ordered. These items will not only increase the welfare and safety of your workers but will also give back to your profit and productivity and is a winning situation and gain for all parties.

As we enter the New Year and begin to make those New Year Resolutions. Don’t forget the rewards of sticking to a couple resolutions that will benefit your operations. The results can be revitalizing to have an operation that is in tip-top condition. This year, pick one or two attainable resolutions, and stick with them. And don’t forget to have a Happy New Year.


If your warehouse needs Pallet Rack Safety Inspections, Fire Door Inspections, Service & Installations, Preventive Maintenance, Repairs, Ergonomic equipment, or you just need someone to look at your Facility to help you determine improvements you could make, please contact Warehouse Cubed. Our Sales Reps are qualified and willing to come out to your facility and help you make improvements for the New Year. We’d love to hear from you! Leave us a comment.


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